July 4th Recipes – Let’s Hear it For The Red White and Blue!

I love the 4th of July – I love America and to me we can just never be too patriotic!  So here we go with a few for the 4th! Fourth of July Pie from Pilsbury  1 box Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box3 lb fresh strawberries1/2 cup fresh blueberries1 cup sugar2 tablespoons [...]

Walleye, Salad and of Course Chocolate

The weather has been crazy everywhere hasn’t it?  It is raining here today with threats of severe thunderstorms.  Ugh!  Time to try some new recipes!  I have to admit this may kill me because I am doing the Shaklee 180 diet so I can’t make some of this right now [...]

Yummy Muffins, Soup and Chicken Casserole

So, how are you spending this Presidents Day?  I thought I would share a few recipes while I am sitting trying to take it somewhat easy to get over this awful cold virus!  The viruses seem crazy this year for some reason! Let’s start with some amazing Muffins:   Cappuccino [...]

Soup and Some Yummy Sweet Recipes for This Cold Day!

I know why some of us struggle with Winter weight gain….. it’s because when it is cold and yucky outside like it is here today (not snowing it is rain and snow mix and then ice and then more rain and it’s all cold) that comfort food desire comes out [...]

A Few Recipes to Warm You Up!

Okay, so I know we don’t get the snow here in the South that I was used to in the North but we get rain and the cold has a tendency to feel as though it goes right through you! Today I am looking for some warm, comfy foods in [...]

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