Feel Good Again


Most of you know me from my daily Bible studies on Chocolate and God.  I feel God has given me three areas in which to help ladies:  1.) Daily devotionals for women to help them spiritually.  2.) Help women feel better physically. 3.) Help women earn extra money to help enable them to bless their family.

Over the last few years I myself have struggled physically:  Bill and I went to Africa several years ago where I picked up an African parasite that causes the “Sleeping Sickness” ( the parasite attacks your central nervous system and just slowly shuts you down), while I was fighting that I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of Ovarian Cancer.  God gave me victory over those things but I couldn’t seem to get my energy back and between that and crazy hormones, life and stress I was also depressed.  I was catching everything that came to town, sinus infections, bronchitis, etc.  I was beginning to feel really old and after having tried everything under the sun, I was ready to give up on feeling good again!  My sister convinced me to try Solle Naturals (a new company developed by 5 men who have spent their lives committed to finding the right combinations to promote better health, by addressing both physical and emotional health issues at the same time).  That was it!  Honestly I feel so much better since I began using the products in December of 2015.  I’m no longer fighting depression and I have my smile and my energy back, my hormones are even straightening out.  I am going to be 56 this year and I am determined to feel as though I am 26 again!

I have watched so many ladies ask for prayer due to addiction, health issues, and financial stresses because they don’t believe they are to head back to the work place, and that is why Bill and I have agreed to share this on Chocolate and God.  I have watched people overcome addictions, depression and many health issues.  I would love to be able to help you too if you feel God is leading you in this direction.

If you would like to learn more, join me at my Solle Natural site where you can learn more about the products that can help you feel good again and also learn more about the business if you are interested.  EMAIL ME PERSONALLY for more information.