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Ladies Bible Study Tuesday, August 30th


Job 6:8       Oh that I might have my request and that God would fulfill my hope.

What is your request this morning?  Do you have hope or are you afraid to hope for fear of being disappointed? This is part of the reason we all need to be praying for each other!  When we pray for each other it gives us hope!  There’s nothing that will encourage me more in my situation than knowing I have some godly women praying for me!  When you see others struggling do you look at it and think, “oh, poor soul, I know how that is” and go on without a care for their feelings of hopelessness or do you stop and tell them you will pray for them to help boost their faith and give them hope?

Let’s determine today to be faith builders!  Let’s choose to believe that God is at work in our situation and that He will come through but more than that even, let’s come together and make sure we are praying for each other!  Please post your requests on our prayer blog so I can know how to pray for you!  I promise I will be looking and praying as I see them come in!  Please also check the prayer blog to see how you can pray for each other!  Let’s see what happens when we all come together to pray for each other!

God loves you today and He does hear your prayers so hang on to the hope that your answers are in Him!  I pray that you will have your requests and that God will bless you beyond what you could have ever imagined.  May others come to know Him because of the amazing power of God revealed in your life and circumstances!


“Hope never dies where faith is strong, and faith grows strong in the presence of hope.”  Chad Witmeyer

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